The GREAT Tech Awards: Finalists

Announcing the 18 finalists for the GREAT Tech Awards and the Advisors' Choice Award for 2013!
The winners will be announced at the GREAT Tech Awards gala dinner on 2 October 2013.

Education Finalists

Codecademy |
Codecademy is an innovative, web-based programming tutorial designed to teach the basics of coding. The company has an interactive terminal that users can access easily through a web browser.
  TeachBoost |
TeachBoost is a Brooklyn, N.Y.-based company that has created one simple online interface to manage classroom observations and teacher evaluations. The company aims to improve instructional practices and drive student achievement through innovative technologies and development strategies available to districts, schools, teachers and educational organizations.

True Office |
True Office is a company that is revolutionizing compliance training. The company’s data-rich games help identify and manage risk, transforming mandatory compliance training into a fun and quantifiable experience.



Hardware Finalists

  Floored |
Floored builds software that turns 3D data into an interactive virtual experience that is pleasing to the eye. Floored uses a 3D camera in conjunction with its software to show real estate in an innovative way.
Simply Grid |
Simply Grid provides a solution for on-demand access to electricity. The company’s proprietary technology provides access to on-site, self-service electricity via industry-standard charging stations and in-wall outlets to customers who initiate service with their mobile phones.
  Solidoodle LLC |
Solidoodle sells affordable and easy-to-use 3D printers, including the world’s first $500 3D printer. The Solidoodle (created by aerospace engineer Sam Cervantes) is a prolific device that combines accessibility with affordability through its user-friendly and practical apparatus.


Lifestyle Finalists

  Charitybuzz |
By harnessing the power of pop culture and technology, Charitybuzz helps non-profits raise funds via online auctions with the world’s biggest celebrities and luxury brands. The company, based in Manhattan, is a fundraising partner for more than 2,500 non-profits worldwide.
  EXPO Communications |
EXPO’s end-to-end social video platform has pioneered content marketing by scaling video production through the authenticity and persuasiveness of consumer experiences. EXPO’s technology optimizes consumers’ videos for distribution to manufacturer websites, mobile sites, Facebook pages and YouTube, educating consumers while driving sales.
Zeel |
Zeel is transforming the massage industry by delivering massages with a massage therapist via its app, which is available on the iPhone and Android. Zeel allows customers to get a same-day massage at their homes, hotels or offices in as little as an hour.


Finance Finalists

  DataNitro |
DataNitro lets users build models with easy-to-use, cutting-edge technology that revolutionizes the way customers interact with market data. It dramatically decreases the time it takes to model, test and verify market assumptions.
  MerchantProcessors |
Merchant Processors is a state-of-the-art merchant account processor services platform that supports the development, growth and funding of innovative start-ups around the world. Merchant Processors provides the global platform for the ecommerce transaction processing community including high risk merchants.
SumAll |
SumAll is focused on harnessing the full power of real-time business intelligence for marketers. Small and large businesses connect with SumAll in less than 60 seconds to integrate multiple data sources, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Analytics, Google AdWords, YouTube, eBay and PayPal into one interactive dashboard.


Media Finalists

  ADstruc, Inc. |
ADstruc is a leading buying platform for the outdoor advertising industry, including both traditional and digital out-of-home media. With an emphasis on data-driven planning, the company helps agencies, national brands and local businesses discover and efficiently purchase out-of-home media campaigns that deliver tangible and measurable results.
  Critical Mention |
Critical Mention provides the most comprehensive web-based, real-time broadcast monitoring service that is changing the way corporate communications and business intelligence professionals search, track and view vital information from television and radio. The company’s CriticalTV platform provides real-time search, monitoring and email alerts for organizations that require up-to-the-minute news about their companies, clients and competitors.
LiveIntent |
LiveIntent helps publishers and advertisers reach subscribers. By implementing simple “LiveTags,” publishers are able to monetize their email newsletters and make money sending email just like retailers.


Advisors’ Choice Award Finalists

UK based technology companies with offices in New York    
blippar |
Blippar is the first image-recognition phone app aimed at bringing to life real-world newspapers, magazines, products and posters with exciting augmented reality experiences and instantaneous content. Blippar’s proprietary technology can recognize at least half a billion images, returning content in just 300 milliseconds.
  Brandwatch |
Brandwatch is a social media monitoring system that reads through and summarises what’s being said on the web about brands, people and products. Brandwatch powers social analytics and intelligence across the enterprise, enabling organizations to monitor and identify key insights from the social web to make smarter business decisions.
  dotMailer |
dotMailer’s data-driven email marketing solution integrates seamlessly with all digital channel marketing activity and easily integrates with any CRM, website or back office system, allowing organisations to synchronise and leverage real-time customer data to trigger highly personalised and timely email campaigns. The company’s products give fast-growing small and medium enterprises (SME) access to powerful email features and capabilities once reserved for large corporations. In turn, large corporations have an easy-to-use email solution that allows them to be as nimble and responsive as an SME.




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